Asistencia legal y gestoria

Services included in our fee.

- Earnest money contract. Drafting of the earnest money contract in order to guarantee both any advance payment made by you and, the particular and general conditions of the Acquisition contract of the property.

- Property Legal situation verificationWe will confirm the registered legal status of the property and the terms under which it can legally be transferred. We will also verify that the property is free of debts/ charges not only at the Land Registrybut also at the Town Hall, services, suppliers and Banks. In the event of the existence of any, we would cancel them all.

- NIE application, if necessary.

- Documents request for the acquisition of the dwelling.  Free debt certificates request of Community payments, IBI (Property Tax), suppliers, and any other charge that may exist. 

- Preparation of the acquisition deed of title at the Notary, and Bank entities if a mortgage is taken out to finance the property acquisition.

- Settlement and payment of Junta de Andalucía’s taxes, and any other tax to be paid that will depend on the parties involved in the transaction.

- Registration of the deed of title at the Land Registry.

Our fee is 1% + IVA (tax) of the total acquisition amount.  This fee does not include any other expenses incurred by the acquisition.  Considering that the acquisition of a property causes some expenses such us Notary, Real Estate Registry and Taxes, there would be necessary a provision of funds to meet them all.  Therefore, we will make a comprehensive review of the documents to make a study of such expenses.

Please do not hesitate to contacting me for further queries.l

Anahi Luz Alheblian Acosta

Lic. en Derecho-Gestora Administrativa

I.C.G.M. Col. Nº 375